Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Airbnb: Setting up a unit

Setting up a unit can be a tricky thing to coordinate. There is so much to buy and so much to remember to purchase. Being organized is the best way to set up your unit efficiently. There are four places that I buy everything I need. They are the Dollar store, Walmart, Costco and Ikea. Here is the order in which I buy things.

  1. Costco: Costco is not only a great place to buy cleaning supplies in bulk, but you can get high quality household items for a great price. I start there because I want as many luxury items as possible. I get cutlery, pans, dishes, cups, bowls, small appliances and snacks at Costco.
  2. Dollar store: The next place I hit is the dollar store. There are some items which don’t matter if they are on the cheaper side. Things like band aids, garbage bins, q-tips and shower curtains can all be bought at the dollar store for a cheaper price. Guests don’t know the difference with some things and you can save some money.
  3. Walmart: Now it is time for Walmart. I fill in the gaps of things that I still need to get. Walmart has a good variety or nice quality and cheap so you can take your pick.
  4. Ikea: Here is where you buy all of your furniture. Again, there is a variety of cheap and luxury, depending on what you want to spend. I go on the cheaper side for most things. As long as your property is designed well, getting things on the cheaper side won’t matter.

The only other place I sometimes go is Winners. If you can go to their clearance section, you can find some great decorations or accent pieces to give your property some character. Do you have any stores which are useful for setting up your Airbnb? Let me know!

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