Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Airbnb: Organizational tips

Organization can take extra time when you are setting up your unit, but can save you tons of time in the long run. How? You won’t have to answer a million questions from guests as to where everything is in your property. Here are some tips I have come up with.

  1. Put things in obvious places. If you offer coffee, put it in a cupboard above the coffee maker. Put the pans under the stove. Put extra toilet paper beside the toilet.
  2. Use labels. Labeling things can avoid confusion and make things easier to find for guests.
  3. Don’t keep useless things around. If you find that something is never being used, get rid of it. Keeping things like old magazines around can just make the place look messy.
  4. Keep personal taste out of it. It can be hard to keep personal taste out of a unit, but it is extremely important. Just because you like something decorated or organized a certain way, doesn’t mean that all of your guests will. Try to keep things as simple and neutral as possible.

Comment and let me know some of your organizational tips!

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