Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Airbnb: Guest gifts

One of the hardest categories to get good ratings is the “value” category. The best strategy with value with Airbnb is to start your prices very low and slowly raise them as you add amenities and extras. The tricky part is to balance how expensive your property is versus how much you add. The key is to put as many inexpensive treats as possible to make it feel like there is added value to the guest but not the host.

In an earlier post I mentioned creating little toiletry bags. Each toiletry costs between 20 and 30 cents and so does the bag. The most expensive part of this is the time it takes you to assemble them. I started off with a few key toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and sewing kit) and as I raised the prices I made a more luxury (but not much more expensive) version which includes mouthwash, bath soak and toothbrush. It costs a couple of extra dollars, but makes a guest feel pampered. Most guests don’t use everything in the kit and leave it behind. I charge an additional fee for extra guests so that it covers the cost of the extra toiletries.

I also put a pillow mint/chocolate of some kind. It depends on what Costco has in stock at the time. You can usually get 1000 for a minimal cost. I put this either on the pillow or beside the toiletries on the bed. It is a cute little treat that reminds guests of a 5-star hotel and costs almost nothing. You can use whatever is available which is a nice bonus.

The newest addition that I have added is a personalized cookie. I love baking so this was something fun for me to try. I made a cookie in the shape of a maple leaf and put them in individual bags. You can keep is simple and just bake a cookie or take the extra step and ice it. I choose to ice it in red icing to make it clear what it is. Put a label on the front of the bag that welcomes them to my property and a label on the back with all of the ingredients. This way if there are any allergies, they know what is in them.

I would love to hear about your ways to go that extra mile for your gusts. You can either comment or send me an email! Happy hosting!


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