Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Jennifer Daechsel Sales Representative

Disabilities and real estate

Having a disability can add many complications to your life in way I never considered. Thinking about things like passive income in case I am no longer able to work and how to pick the right home that fits within my limitations, can be exhausting. I have a disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and have been getting used to living within my limitations.

The next couple of blog posts will discuss some of the challenges I have run into while trying to find the right home for me. Thinking about things like broken elevators, stairs, service animals and rental properties are all topics I have had to consider over the last couple of years. I hope that I can pass on some of my knowledge to you.

If you have a disability and are interested in renting or buying, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to discuss different options with people, so they know what is out there for them. It can be very overwhelming to think about the multitude of options and limitations that you might face. If I can make things easier in any way, I would love to help.

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