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Airbnb: Living room Hospitality

The living room is where guests like to relax. Try and do everything you can to make this room as relaxing and inviting as possible. Here are some things I have found to be successful.

Airbnb: Front entrance Hospitality

Most hosts do not put a lot of effort when thinking about the front entrance. Most guests spend very little time there so why bother. However, the front entrance if your guests first impression of your property. It is important to make a good first impression. Here are some things I have to done to achieve that.


Airbnb: Hospitality Intro

Going above and beyond for your guests is the most important aspect of Airbnb. You rely on your guests for positive reviews. I have had guests say that the sole reason they booked my property was because of the fantastic reviews I have. Reviews can make or break your bookings. It is extremely important to make the guests feel special throughout their stay. That is why I thought it was important to write some posts about how I make my guests feel valued.

Airbnb: Reviewing guests

Reviewing guests is the best way to get reviews as a host. I always try and review guests as soon as possible. This sends them a reminder to review you. Reviewing guests are similar to reviewing hosts. There are three parts: the public written review, the private written review and the stars review. I will discuss all three sections.

Airbnb: Host Review system

The review system is the most important part of Airbnb. Reviews can make or break your listing. I have spoken to guests who have said that the main reason that they booked my unit was because of the amazing reviews. The reviews are not only about the property, but about you as a host. This blog post will be about the reviews that you get as a host. My next blog post will be about giving guests reviews.  

Airbnb: Tips to becoming a superhost

The key to becoming a superhost is to try and become one earlier on. The more guests and reviews you have, the harder it will be to become one. There are five criteria that you must meet to become a superhost.

Airbnb: Honortab

Over the years, I have tried different things to boost my ratings and make my guests happier. While this one had a few bumps along the way, I would still say it was a success. There is a program that allows you to have a “mini bar” in your Airbnb. I put quotes around mini bar because I do not have a typical mini bar as I do not offer alcohol. This is because with some guests possibly under 19 years old, I do not want to be liable for underage drinking.

Airbnb: Instabook vs manual booking

Initially, when you create you Airbnb account, you will only be able to manual book. What that means is that with every guest, you will have to accept or decline their reservations. Once you have completed a certain number of trips, you have the option to enable instabooking. This means that guests can book any open days and do not need your permission. Is there a difference between the two? This is what I will answer in this blog.

Airbnb: How to find a condo property

Choosing a condo is much harder than choosing the correct house for Airbnb. I will spend this post discussing a few aspects to consider when trying to choose the correct condo for Airbnb. If you are going to buy or rent the discussion is relatively similar.

Airbnb: Using other short term stay website

When I was entering into the slow period (November to January) I wanted to try and get as much exposure as possible. I looked into (and signed up for) different short term stay websites (e.g. Expedia and They were not as successful as I had hoped. Here are some reasons why.

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