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Airbnb: Winter months

The winter months can be extremely difficult for hosts. Obviously, there is much more travel and tourism during the summer. Before I started my Airbnb, I wanted to get a sense of what I should expect for November to March. Other hosts I spoke to said that if I broke even for those months, I should consider myself lucky. Here were some tips I found useful during those months.

Airbnb: International guests

It is inevitable that at some point in your Airbnb experience, you will have a guest from a different country. This usually means that there will be cultural and language differences. How does one deal with that? It is a little unrealistic that you will start to learn languages to communicate with your guests. There are two different aspects that I will discuss, one is cultural differences and one is language issues.

Airbnb: Resolution Center

Hopefully, you do not have to do this too often, but eventually most hosts have to request money from a guest’s security deposit. Here are the steps to do so.

Airbnb: Difficult guests cont.

This post is a continuation from my last post about difficult guests. This one discusses my experience with a guest that leaves a unit in shambles.

Airbnb: Difficult guests

While I have been extremely lucky with my guests, I have had one or two difficult guests. There are two types of difficult guests that I have come across. The first is the guest that is never happy. No matter what you offer they will always find something negative to say. The second type is the guest that refuses to follow the house rules. They usually leave the place a mess, drink, smoke and destroy part of the apartment. I have only had one or two of these guests. This post if about the guest that is never satisfied and my next post will be able the guest that destroys your property

Airbnb: Balcony hospitality

A balcony is often unused space, but can be turned into welcoming space is decorated correctly. Especially if you have a small condo, it is crucial to make the balcony useable space.

Airbnb: Host Hospitality

The first taste of hospitality a guest will have is the initial interaction with you as a host. It is extremely important to do as much as you can to help the guest through this arrival, stay and departure. Traveling can be extremely stressful for guests. Helping them in any way you can, will make you an amazing host.

Airbnb: Bathroom Hospitality

The bathroom should be the cleanest room in your property. This is the most important room to make sure is spotless because guests can be grossed out by finding remnants of other guests. Guests like to feel that they are the first ones to ever stay in your property. I have spoken to guests that have left properties because they have found a few hairs in the corner of the bathroom. I am extremely careful with my property to clean more than once and add extra touches. I will list a few of them.

Airbnb: Kitchen Hospitality

When staying at your property, most guests do not do a lot of cooking. Most of the items that you put in the kitchen will not be used. However, guests still like to have the option if they feel like it. Here are some hospitality tips that I have found useful and my guests have commented on.

Airbnb: Bedroom hospitality

The bedroom is where most of your guests will spend most of their time. The reason I say this is because most guests are tourists (who spend the day site seeing) or business people (who spend the day at work) so they spend most of their time sleeping in your property. I always try to make these as comfortable for them as possible. Here are a list of things I do to make them feel at home.

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